Our Mission:

To end alcohol-related driving fatalities.

Every 49 minutes in the United States, someone is killed in a drunk driving accident. Through awareness, education, policy change, and partnerships Liam's Life Foundation is committed to bringing that number to zero.



Liam’s Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) California Non-Profit Organization founded by professional MMA fighter Marcus Kowal and Mishel Eder in honor of their fifteen month old son Liam Mikael Kowal who was tragically hit and killed by a drunk driver on September 3, 2016 in Hawthorne, California.


Our StrategIES:


We are raising awareness through events, public speaking, and media engagements - educating the public in order to promote positive decision making in our local & global communities. 

Policy Change

We are working to lower the legal B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) while driving from .08 to .05, beginning in California. 


Our foundation utilizes a three part approach to educating individuals and policy makers about the dangers of drunk driving - by providing scholarships, working with esteemed scientists and researchers, and using the power of content and social media.


News & Stories


In 2018, 95% of donations to Liam's Life Foundation went towards raising awareness, working for policy change, education, and scholarships.


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