Liam's Law: CA Bill AB 1713


After an arduous two and a half years for the Kowal family and community, everything has come together in honor of Liam. Marcus and Mishel have spent the last two years tirelessly working on creating lasting and impactful societal change when it comes to drinking and driving.

            On September 3, 2016 15-month old Liam and his 15-year old aunt were struck by a drunk driver. The driver fled the scene. Liam’s aunt suffered non-life-threatening injuries which she later recovered from but Liam had succumb to traumatic brain injuries. He later donated his organs to save others.

            Marcus and Mishel vowed to honor Liam for the rest of their life and from then they have been on an unstoppable trajectory. Marcus has spoken to over 10,000 high school students in the last two years, the family has flown to Sacramento and Washington D.C. to advocate for change, and through numerous events and media outlets they’ve continued to educate the public on the perils of drunk driving crashes.

            February 22, 2019 marked the biggest day for Liam’s Life Foundation thus far. Bill AB1713, also known as Liam’s Law, was read in by Assemblymember Autumn Burke, Assemblymember Heath Flora and Senator Jerry Hill! This is HUGE! The law would lower the legal BAC limit in California from .08 to .05. All of the science is pointing to this legislative change being extremely effective in lowering alcohol related crashes because it will serve as a deterrent for drivers of all BAC levels. For more evidence-based statistics, go to
What Happens Now?
            While this is a time to celebrate, it’s also a time to get to work! We are not done. We now need YOU more than ever!

            For the next 30 days Liam’s Law will sit for the Public Safety committee to review. The committee will then vote on whether this bill will continue on the path to becoming law. We need you to contact the committee members and let them know you want them to vote yes on AB1713 (Liam’s Law). Their constituents need to know this is important to THEM!

            In 2017, California’s drunk driving crash fatalities accounted for 39% of all crashes on the road. Too many Californian’s die senselessly.

            Let’s stop this together by contacting the Public Safety committee and asking them to vote YES on AB1713 (Liam’s Law).

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